Filmmaker, Storyteller, Teacher

I'm an award winning documentary filmmaker, critically acclaimed playwright, author, and all around great guy. I will keep you entertained and I will keep you thinking. I hope you find something that makes you happy in this site.


The trailer from my 2017 documentary about my mom, "Tell Me About My Mother."



Funny, Weird, Touching

The three words that I heard myself saying to describe myself. Then I thought, "Those words sound odd, spoken out loud." Anyway, I'm a unique artist with the goal of making you laugh, cry, feel, and think. My documentaries and experimental work take you into other trains of thought you didn't know you'd bought a ticket for but you realize you're enjoying the view. My writing tells the funny stories of the commonly uncommon man making his way in the world. My plays are absurd comedies with dream logic and cartoon energy. And I make other art too. I'm always making art.



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