I didn't start making movies of any kind until I was in my late thirties. My first attempt was a feature length comedy about karaoke, therapy, and magic. It featured all my own original music.

Here's the IMDB page. I think you can even watch it here for free. Go ahead. You'll be the 7th or 8th person to watch!

"Thirsty Blackwater's Karaoke Showdown".

If you do, be nice to me. It was my first try at no-budget filmmaking. 

And you know, there are a lot of people you may have for seen on television in this. Of course, I'd have to tell you where.

Then I made my documentary, "Tell Me About My Mother" about my mother's extreme bouts of mental illness and how it affected our family. I'm very proud of this film. It got into a few festivals, won a couple awards, got me my first master's degree, and has been used to teach training occupational therapists about how to understand patients with mental illness. 

It's available on DVD from Amazon, but if you're nice to me and we (wink) work something out, I can get you a link to stream it. Man, PayPal and Zelle are amazing things, aren't they? 

Tell Me DVD cover.jpg